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Minnesota Institute of Professional Studies

Explore our diverse range of training programs tailored to meet the demands of the modern IT landscape. Our courses are led by industry experts who bring real-world experience to the classroom. Here's a glimpse of the training programs we offer:

Project Management & Business Analysis IT Roles

Gain a deep understanding of project management methodologies and business analysis techniques specific to the IT domain.

Developer Roles (e.g., JAVA/Dot Net)

Acquire programming prowess in languages like Java and Dot Net, setting the foundation for a successful career as a developer.

Agile IT Roles

Master the art of agile methodologies and take on roles such as Scrum Master, Product Owner, Product Manager, Agile Coach, and Quality Assurance Analyst.

ServiceNow Roles

Explore the intricacies of the ServiceNow platform and prepare for roles centered around IT service management and automation.

Epic IT - Your Path to Placement

Our commitment doesn't end with training. Epic IT, our dedicated job placement organization, bridges the gap between trained candidates and IT staffing firms, as well as clients across the USA. We're here to connect you with the opportunities that align with your skills and aspirations.

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Why Choose Us?

At Mniops, we understand that when it comes to your business, every decision counts. That's why we're committed to being your trusted partner in managing and optimizing your operations. Here are a few compelling reasons why you should choose us:

Your IT Career Begins Here

Are you ready to take the next step in your IT Career? Whether you're starting anew or seeking advancement, the Minnesota Institute of Professional Services is your partner on this journey. Explore our training programs, connect with Epic IT, and unlock a world of IT opportunities. Contact Us today to learn more and embark on a transformative IT career path with us.

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